Size guide



Measure the inside diameter of a ring you already have, taking care not to include the thickness of your ring in the measurement, only the inside diameter, and look in the table below for the number it matches.

SIZE 4:14 mmSIZE 15:17,5 mm
SIZE 5:14,3 mmSIZE 16:17,8 mm
SIZE 6:14,6 mmSIZE 17:18,1 mm
SIZE 7:14,9 mmSIZE 18:18,4 mm
SIZE 8:15,2 mmSIZE 19:18,7 mm
SIZE 9:15,6 mmSIZE 20:19,1 mm
SIZE 10:15,9 mmSIZE 21:19,4 mm
SIZE 11:16,2 mmSIZE 22:19,7 mm
SIZE 12:16,5 mmSIZE 23:20 mm
SIZE 13:16,8 mmSIZE 24:20,3 mm
SIZE 14:17,2 mmSIZE 25:20,7 mm



f you don't have a ring that fits you, you can take any tape or string and measure the circumference of your finger. Stretch the tape over a ruler or tape measure and compare your measurement with the table below.

SIZE 4:44 mmSIZE 15:55 mm
SIZE 5:45 mmSIZE 16:56 mm
SIZE 6:46 mmSIZE 17:57 mm
SIZE 7:47 mmSIZE 18:58 mm
SIZE 8:48 mmSIZE 19:59 mm
SIZE 9:49 mmSIZE 20:60 mm
SIZE 10:50 mmSIZE 21:61 mm
SIZE 11:51 mmSIZE 22:62 mm
SIZE 12:52 mmSIZE 23:63 mm
SIZE 13:53 mmSIZE 24:64 mm
SIZE14:54 mmSIZE 25:65 mm

If you have doubts about what size you should choose, or your measurements are smaller or larger than these, don't worry. Contact us and we will help you, we can make your ring to measure, at no additional cost

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